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Let's talk about offline first...

Offline marketing is extremely HOT right now. Why is that? It's because small businesses know almost nothing about marketing themselves online. In fact, most of them don't even have a website OR their website looks really bad. They're just out there waiting for you to make a killing.

So why aren't you retired and living on a boat off the coast of some tropical island right now?

It's because finding those small businesses is HARD WORK and takes a LOT OF TIME and EFFORT!!

Hi, my name is Mark Helton and I've been making a good living with offline clients. I've tried different methods of finding clients and believe me, it's hard. Cold calling is effective, but brutal and it's very easy to burn out making hundreds of calls a day, dealing with constant rejection. I don't want to do that and I'm sure you don't either. Direct mailing works also if you have $500 or more to spend on every mailing, hoping that you got the message right. Do it wrong and you make NOTHING.

And then it HIT ME!

One day I stumbled across method of getting clients that was simple and easy to do and best of all, really effective. Want to know what it is? It's video prospecting, sending custom videos to prospects that do all the selling for you. Once a prospect sees a video created just for them, they WANT to click on it! Once they see it, they're hooked! I ran a very successful WSO on this method and people are making money with it. But, there's a catch as you will see below.

Video Prospecting gets CLIENTS calling YOU. YOU are the EXPERT and THEY are coming to YOU FOR HELP! Best of all, it's simple, easy to do, and no special expertise is necessary!


Until now, even video prospecting, powerful as it is has a drawback. That's right, you guessed it, it's time consuming to produce the videos. It would take all day for me to make just a handful of videos. The videos were working but I realized that if I could do them faster I could make A LOT MORE MONEY! And thats how the VIDEO PROSPECTOR software was born! Now, I could create hundreds of videos with a simple click! Imagine how many offline clients you can get with this software!


You can apply this incredible software for ONLINE offers (CPA, CJ, ClickBank, Amazon.com, etc.) JUST AS EASILY!!

With Video Prospector all you need to do is simply pick the product or types of businesses that you wish to target load up your voiceover/audio files, images and choose each of the duration you want the slides to be and push start! That's it! Video Prospector will then go to work creating your customized prospecting videos, product reviews or any other type of video you want it to make!

Now, if that was all that Video Prospector was able to do then it would already be the most amazing piece of video marketing software ever created. But that's not all it can do!

Video Prospector reaches out and grabs an image of your potential prospects website and then inserts it into your video. By having the software take an image of the 1st page of their website, the video looks like it was made just for them! This will increase your conversions tremendously!

If your promoting products online, the software will create unique videos by grabbing custom images and screenshots for you automatically. Use this for any affiliate, cpa, Amazon or Clickbank offer to give you that edge over your competition!

So, what's included?

#1 You will get access to the ONLY bulk video presentation tool available, Video Prospector including LIFETIME UPDATES!

#2 Several HOT Scripts and voiceover recordings that will get your phone ringing with prospects ready to BUY!

#3 Access to Mark's mastermind group where dozens of members are already have access to advanced techniques from Mark Helton and other influential online marketers.

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This software is extremely POWERFUL! The few people that were lucky enough to have already tried this tool all agree that this is the "game changer" and video prospecting is the undisputed best form of marketing today.

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This software is extremely POWERFUL! The few people that were lucky enough to have already tried this tool all agree that this is the "game changer" and video prospecting is the undisputed best form of marketing today.

I can say it from experience that his services are working, whatever he's doing is working and if you can do it in his market, you can do it pretty much everywhere. Don't hesitate becuase I promise the price of this software will triple when I take it down from the Warrior Forum and release it on ClickBank.

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